Get Roblox RoCitizens Codes For Free Now [Latest 2018]


The amazing world of Roblox has a great power of casting magic spells over teens, hasn’t it? Thus, you have to know how to get Free Roblox RoCitizens Codes now! We get in, and after some time, we find ourselves going deeper and wider. Once you are into it, you get completely engulfed.

In this article, we have written a few quick words about the popular Roblox game RoCitizens. We have given you a list of RoCitizens codes that can work wonders for you!
So, why wait for more? Let’s get started!

What is RoCitizens?

Firebrand1 is the sole creator of the game RoCitizens. The game was previously popular with the name RoSims II. This is a perfect role-play game. You do enjoy the game even if there is no specific goal for the game. Just select the gender you wish to choose and get ready to jump in for some fun!

You only choose your gender and enjoy your role with a funky pair of jacket and jeans, and cool girl/boy hair. And, of course, the Avatar Customizer will always be there to help you give a new look to your Roblox Avatar.

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The game has over 230,000,000 plays; So, imagine the level of popularity!

About the Creator

Roblox Username: Firebrand1
Real name: Jake Brandt
Credits: Entire game
Other Games: None
Occupation: Programmer
Twitter handle: @JB_Firebrand

Firebrand1 holds an OBC: Outrageous Builder’s Club membership on Roblox. He is the sole developer and creator of the game RoCitizens. As we stated earlier, RoCitizens was previously named RoSims II. Jake Brandt joined ROBLOX on 2/12/2009. The game RoCitizens was inspired by the Sims II(2). In this game, you could rank up from a Police Officer or a Cop to an FBI agent. Brandt also created a group on Roblox named RoCitizen’s Community.

Did you know, the game RoCitizens has recorded a remarkable visit count of over 279,000,000?

Working Roblox RoCitizens Codes For 2018

While playing RoCitizens, you can buy multiple products and resources in the game if you accomplish in-game tasks to get ahead in the game. Come on; you are a “RoCitizen”! You would surely want to embellish your home with new furniture and stuff! Also, you may want to do the fun tasks around the city. You can do that with the game-money. The Robux comes in handy here. But, spending your hard earned Robux everytime you wish to buy something doesn’t sound like a good deal, does it?

Fortunately, RoCitizens Codes are there to handle this dilemma. RoCitizen codes enable you to collect some amount of money and items for free in the game. This gives you a nice head start. Firebrand1, the creator has shared a few codes to help the players collect some promising resources right in the initial phase of the game.

We have given you a list of Roblox Rocitizens Codes 2017-2018. These codes are not only perfectly working but are 100% genuine and legit.

Note: These codes can only have redemption once per user.

So, ready to earn some nice rewards? Please find below the list of RoCitizens Codes.

sweettweets$2500 + Twitter Trophy Item
goodluckspellingsovereigntyFree computer

More RoCitizens Codes That You Can Try

Well, these codes are expire and thus, have become invalid as per our information. However, you can always take a chance. Your good luck may fetch you some money!

goodluckspellingsovereigntySovereignty Computer
cornerpocketPool Table
canigethottubHot Tub

How to Use RoCitizens Codes?

To use RoCitizens Codes follow these steps:

  1. Go to your game’s home tab where you will notice a “Shop” icon on the bottom left side of the screen. Click on it.
  2. A new tab will open, choose the last choice from the new window called “Codes” click on the codes and enter one.

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These codes have been generated not by us but by the Developer himself! So, they are 100% safe and legit to use. And, once again, remember that these codes are allowed to be used only once per user, so be aware of resetting your progress.


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