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Roblox is an interactive cross-platform 3D multiplayer game that is actively played and enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. It is one of the largest gaming social platforms where you can meet and make new friends to play with. You can play Roblox on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, get Roblox Toys and even on Xbox One.

It is the most creative platforms where each game is designed and developed by the players themselves. Roblox is also termed as an “Imagination Platform” due to its various customization and design features. Developing games on Roblox is easy as well, and anyone can do it using the inbuilt software for designing and developing.

What are Roblox toys?

Roblox toys include action figures and models of the characters from the game. They come in various packs and playsets, and they also sell each character separately. You can buy these toys on their official website, in retails stores, Walmart and even on Amazon shopping site.

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They also provide various virtual codes in-game that offer huge discounts on their toys. You can even customize these toys by stylizing and customizing them among different action figures too. This means that you can take apart one action figure and combine it with another as you seem fit!

Sections of Roblox Toys

The various sections of toys they provide are:

  • Toolbox – A huge collector suitcase where you can keep your favorite Roblox action figures.
  • Mix & Match Sets – These unique sets contain multiple action figures along with specific accessories like crowns, dresses, necklaces, etc. You can combine and customize the different Roblox characters among themselves and even create a character of your own.
  • Playsets – These contain all the figurines and models of a particular environment or game. They have playsets of fashion, action, construction and many more.
  • Vehicles – Roblox also provides vehicular toys from their games.
  • Six pack assortments – This pack contains six pre-mentioned Roblox action figures which you can choose and buy from.
  • Core Figures – Core figures are individual Roblox characters that you can buy without any other playset or packs.
  • Game Packs – Game packs are the miniature version of playsets that include two or three characters along with a model depicting an environment such as a restaurant, prison and high school among others.
  • Mystery Figures – Mystery figures are special packs which you cannot see before buying and is indeed a mystery as to what will come inside it. All the figurines will be packed in a mystery box along with other items which can be explored only after you’ve bought and unpacked it.
  • 4-Figure Pack – 4 figure packs are the same as six-pack assortments and contain 4 Roblox characters in a single pack.

10 Best Roblox Toys to Get Now

Here’s a look at the Top X Roblox toys along with the links from where you can buy them:

Mystery Pack

Mystery packs are undoubtedly the best gift you can get for anyone. Apart from unknown action figures, they also contain a lot of accessories and goodies inside them. Neither you nor the child receiving the gift will ever know what he’ll be going to get and it certainly nails the surprise factor.

  • Mystery Figure Series 1 –
  • Mystery Figure Series 2 –
  • Series 4 Mystery Figure –
  • Mystery Figure Series 4 –

Heroes of Robloxia

The heroes of Robloxia come with all the fearless characters and the villain of Roblox. This set includes 8 action figures, accessories, collector’s checklist and a virtual item code that can be redeemed in-game.

Champions of Roblox

This set contains the ruthless champions of Roblox – the gladiators of war. There are 6 action figures each with their own accessories. The box also comes with an exclusive virtual item code and with the ability to mix and match, you can even create gladiators of your own.

Legends Action Figures

This is a complete set of all the legendary characters in the Roblox game. There are 6 action figures in a single box, and with its ability to mix and match, it opens up the possibility to create new characters and help a kid explore his creativity. The box also comes with their accessories and exclusive virtual item codes.

Pizza Playset

This is a fun set that consists of a chef, a pizza guy, and a kitchen environment. It is the perfect miniature gift for any kid, and they guarantee to fall in love with this set. Not to forget, it comes with a collector’s checklist and an exclusive virtual item code as well.

Ninja Assassin Yin Clan Master Figure

Overwhelmed with dark energy, the ninja assassin loves to find new challenges and prove his skills at any chance he gets. With this action figure, you’ll also get his weapons and an exclusive virtual item code that can be used in-game.

Roblox Patrol Car

The Roblox Patrol Car set comes with a police officer action figure and a toy police vehicle. This is like any other miniature set and can also be in use for mixing and matching with other Roblox toys. It also comes with a collector’s checklist, accessories and an exclusive virtual item code.

Phantom Force Ghost Figure

Phantom Force Ghost is a legendary character of Roblox, and its action figure comes with a truly menacing look and a range of accessories which you can equip it with.

Collectors Toolbox

This is a must-have for people and children who have a lot of Roblox action figures. The toolbox comes with different compartments to sit one Roblox figure safely and makes sure that your action figures never go missing or break unexpectedly.

Roblox Lord Umberhallow Action Figure

Lord Umberhallow is the mischievous character that likes to lurk in the dark and prank on fellow unsuspecting people. This action figure comes with a sword and dashes with red and black along with wings. Like any other Roblox toy, you can also mix and match this figure with other figurines to create your own unique toy.


Roblox has an active user base of over 64 million players, and with its unique concept of allowing players to design the game, it has allowed kids and teenagers to flex their creative skills and unleash their inner potential. There are thousands of mini-games to play with, and you can even invite other players or your friends to play your game.

Their toys are exceptionally good as they have the ability to mix and match among its sets just like they are able to do so in the game. Roblox toys are of supreme quality and are mostly bought through the Amazon website. There are a lot of other toys of Roblox that are as amazing as this list, and none of them fall behind when it comes to quality.


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