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As you are reading this guide to customize the shortcut keys or hotkeys in Roblox studio, I assume you are a developer and currently working on your initial projects. Since you began developing a game on Roblox, you must have noticed that creating a game had never been so easy! Roblox provides this simple to use Roblox studio using which you can create your own wonderful games. Thus, you must know how to customize Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts and set up the Roblox Studio Hotkeys now!

Good news? You don’t need to worry about platform disagreement issues, coding the game from ‘Hello World’, incompatibilities with the upgraded versions, tackling with end-less errors, etc. Roblox does that for you. Along with these benefits, Roblox studio provides a handy bunch of hotkeys that make development even easier.

What Are Roblox Studio Hotkeys and Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts?

Roblox Studio provides several shortcuts and key commands that makes game developer’s life a lot simpler. If you are a noob in the world of Roblox game development then here is the handy guide that you should use throughout your Roblox life. This guide provides you with all the existing shortcut keys provided by Roblox as well as an easy method to customize them. (Yes, you can customize them too! Now, that is a good news!)

Shortcut keys are basically a set of keyboard keys that when pressed together studio will perform the associated action immediately. For example, if you want to open a file, you will first have to visit the “FILE” tab then scroll down to find “OPEN” and then select the file that you wish to open.

Instead of going through this process, you can simply press “Ctrl + O” and tah-da! You have jumped directly to the “Choose a file” step!

How to Customize Roblox Studio Hotkeys or Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts

For customizing the hotkeys in Roblox, follow this simple, step by step guide:

  • You have to first go to “File” in the Roblox studio.
  • Click on “Advanced” → “Customize Shortcuts…

Have a glance at the screenshot below.

This will fire up a new window for you.

  • This is the place you want to visit to customize the keyboard shortcut keys. You can change or customise both the keyboard and the mouse shortcut keys the way you want. You can make every task in Roblox studio simpler by assigning a quick keyboard short key to them.

Note that, few actions in the Roblox Studio have already been assigned some or the other shortcut keys by default. You can add a hotkey even to those actions that do not come under this domain.

Want to Set Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts?

Double-click the on the shortcut mentioned in front of the action under the middle tab in the pop-up window named “shortcut”. Now, press a key and it gets set as a short-cut key for that action.

Apart from this, there are dozens of short-cut keys provided by Roblox studio to make your job easier.

Exiting Roblox Studio Hotkeys

You can see the currently set shortcuts by following the same procedure as mentioned above. Revisit the step 3.

The thing under the middle tab “shortcut” you clicked on was the currently set shortcut for the associated action. This way, you can see the shortcuts already, set either manually or by default in Roblox Studio.

NOTE: This one is for Mac users.

  • You can see that all the shortcuts mentioned in the list given below use “Ctrl”. This is not “Mac control key” but “Command ⌘ key”.
  • Also, “Alt” here means “Mac Option Key” for you.

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General Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts

Key / ShortcutActionDescription
Ctrl+NNewThis create a new place in your Roblox game.
Ctrl+OOpenThis key will open an existing place.
Ctrl+W  or  Ctrl+F4CloseThis key closes an active place or an active file.
Ctrl+SSaveThis key saves the active place or file.
Ctrl+Shift+SSave as...You can save the active place in your game with a new name.
Alt+GToggle gridThis key displays or hides the 3D grid on the Y plane.
Alt+XToggle ExplorerUsing this key, you can open or close the Explorer window.
Ctrl+Shift+XJump to Explorer filterTo jump to the Explorer window filter input field, you can use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+PJump to Properties filterYou can directly jump to the Properties window filter input field.
Ctrl+IToggle Advanced ObjectsFor quick insertion of objects, you can use this key to open or close the Advanced Objects window.
F12Video recordUse this key if you want to record a video.
Alt+SSettings...You can open the Roblox Studio settings window.

Shortcuts for Camera Controls

Key / ShortcutActionDescription
W  or  Up ArrowForwardUsing this shortcut, you can move the camera forward.
S  or  Down ArrowBackUsing this shortcut, you can move the camera back.
A  or  Left ArrowLeftUsing this shortcut, you can move the camera left.
D  or  Right ArrowRightUsing this shortcut, you can move the camera right.
QDownUsing this shortcut, you can move the camera down.
EUpUsing this shortcut, you can move the camera up.
ShiftChange camera speedYou can use Shift key in combination with any movement key. This will help you adjust the camera speed.
Right Mouse ButtonTurn the cameraTo freely move the camera view around Just hold and drag the right mouse button.
Mouse Scroll WheelZoom in or outTo zoom the camera in or out use Mouse scroll wheel.
Ctrl+=Zoom inThis will zoom the camera in.
Ctrl+-Zoom outThis will zoom the camera out.
FFocusF key will help you focus the camera on a selected part.
,Rotate leftUse “,” for rotating the camera left.
.Rotate rightUse “.” for rotating the camera right.
Page UpPitch downUse “Page up” button to pitch the camera down.
Page DownPitch upUse “Page down” button to pitch the camera up.
[Undo camera move/shiftUse “[“ to undo the last camera move/shift.
]Redo camera move/shiftUse “]” to redo the last camera move/shift that was undone.

Shortcut for General Editing

Key / ShortcutActionDescription
Ctrl+CCopyYou can copy the selection by pressing Ctrl + C.
Ctrl+VPasteYou can paste the copied contents by pressing Ctrl + V.
Ctrl+XCutYou can cut the selection.
Delete  or  BackspaceDeleteUse these keys to delete the selection.
Ctrl+ZUndoUse this key combination to undo the last action.
Ctrl+Shift+Z  or  Ctrl+YRedoYou can use this key combination to redo the previously undone action.
Ctrl+ASelect allThis key lets you select all the parts in the workspace or all lines in a script.
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste intoThis key combination pastes the “cut” object as a child of the selected object.

Selecting and Editing Parts

Key / ShortcutActionDescription
Ctrl+1Select toolUse this key to select a part/model.
Ctrl+2Move toolUse this key for moving a selected part along an axis by dragging the corresponding arrow.
Ctrl+3Scale toolUse this key for resizing a selected part by dragging the corresponding handle.
Ctrl+4Rotate toolUse this key for rotating a selected part by dragging the corresponding handle.
Alt+AAnchorYou can anchor or un-anchor selected object(s) using Alt+A.
Ctrl+DDuplicateClone the current selection using Ctrl + D.
Ctrl+GGroupYou can group the selected parts into a new model.
Ctrl+UUngroupYou can ungroup selected model(s) into individual parts with this key.
Alt+Left Mouse ButtonSelect within modelUse this key to select an individual part within a model.
Shift+4  or  Alt+RJump to Rotate incrementJump directly to the Rotate increment input field in the Model tab using.
Shift+2Jump to Move incrementJump to the Move increment input field in the Model tab using this key.
Ctrl+TRotate about X axisUse Ctrl+T to rotate selection about its X axis.
Ctrl+RRotate about Y axisUse this key to rotate selection about its Y axis.
Ctrl+LToggle localCtrl + L is the key combination that allows you to toggle the Move and Rotate tools. This happens between world and local coordinates.
Alt+LLock toolYou can lock or unlock object(s) using Alt + L.
Ctrl+Shift+GUnionYou can fuse parts together to make a single part using This key combination.
Ctrl+Shift+NNegateThis key combination negate parts. This is useful for making holes.
Ctrl+Shift+USeparateIf you want to separate parts from a fused selection use this key combination.

Shortcuts for Scripting

Key / ShortcutActionDescription
TabIndentUse tab to add an indentation.
Shift+TabUn-indentUse Shift+Tab to remove an indentation.
Ctrl+FFind in scriptIf you want to find the specified string within the script currently being viewed, use Ctrl+F.
F3Find nextYou can find next instance of specified string using F3.
Shift+F3Find previousFind previous instance of specified string within the script currently being viewed.
Ctrl+Shift+FFind in all scriptsFind the specified string within all scripts in the currently open place.
Ctrl+HFind and replaceFind the specified string in the script currently being viewed and optionally replace it with a replacement string.
Ctrl+GGo to lineUse this key to move the cursor to the specified line number in the script.
Ctrl+Mouse Scroll WheelZoom script in or outUse this key to zoom the script view in or out.
Ctrl+=Zoom script inUse this key to zoom the script view in.
Ctrl+-Zoom script outUse this key to zoom the script view out.
Ctrl+0Reset script zoomUse this key to reset the script zoom to normal.
F11Step intoYou can use F11 while debugging with breakpoints. Using this key, you can step into the next block.
Shift+F11Step outYou can use Shift+ F11 while debugging with breakpoints. Using this key, you can step out of the current block.
F10Step overYou can use F10 while debugging with breakpoints. Using this key, you can step over the next block.
Ctrl+EExpand all foldsUse this key to expand all collapsed folds in the script.
Ctrl+Shift+ECollapse all foldsUse this key to collapse all collapsable sections of the script.
Ctrl+Shift+CToggle comment statusUse this key to toggle the commented status of the selected lines.

Shortcut keys for Testing and Publishing

Key / ShortcutActionDescription
F5Play/pauseYou can use this key to begin playing your game in Studio.
Shift+F5StopYou can use this key to stop simulation of your game.
F6Play soloYou can use this key to launch Studio in solo player mode.
F7Start server and clientUse this key for simulating the Roblox environment.
Alt+F7Start clientUse this key to start a new session of Studio running a virtual client.
Alt+Shift+PPublish to Roblox as...You can publish the currently open place to a new slot on Roblox using Alt+Shift+p.
Alt+PPublish to RobloxYou can publish the currently open place to its slot.
Ctrl+Shift+F1Show stats dataThis key shows the detailed game stats.
Ctrl+Shift+F2Show render dataThis key shows the detailed graphics and performance data.
Ctrl+Shift+F3Show network dataThis key shows the detailed network stats.
Ctrl+Shift+F4Show physics dataThis key shows the detailed physics data.
Ctrl+Shift+F5Show summary dataThis key shows the summary of stats data.

So, these are the Roblox Studio Hotkeys and Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts provided by them as a boon to all Roblox game developers. Use them efficiently and your game development process will be faster and smoother.


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