Roblox Admin Commands | How to Use (Complete Guide)


You can think of the Roblox Admin Commands as an easily available script. You can use this script as a code that can be used by game developers in their own games. Creators and developers use this code to allow specific game admins and perform special tasks in the game.

Roblox users designed these peculiar scripts called command codes. These enable them to do specific tasks in their game while giving commands in chat box of the game or with GUI text box.

The Roblox admin commands perform absolutely fundamental and common functions in most of the games. You should simply enter a Roblox admin command in the chat box.

The following is the rundown of the most usually utilized Roblox commands:


All Roblox Admin Commands as of 2018

FireFire command starts the Fire
UnfireUnfire command stops the Fire
FfThis command gives a force field to the player
UnffUnff nullifies the effect of force field on the player
JumpJump command makes the player jump
SparklesSparkles command makes player looks sparkling
UnsparklesThe Sparkles command effect gets cancelled by Unsparkles command
KillKill command, as it suggests, kills the Player
LoopkillThe player gets killed repeatedly when used the command Loopkill
AdminAdmin command allows the players to use the command script
UnadminUnadmin command cancels the effect of admin command on player
SitSit command makes the player sit in the game
TripTrip command makes the player trip
God ModeGod Mode command makes the player deadly to everything in the game
UnGod ModeUnGod Mode command cancels the effect of God Mode on the player
VisibleVisible command makes the player visible
InvisibleInvisible command makes the player invisible
FixFix command fixes the script if its broken
KickKick command ejects the player from the Game
JailJail command creates a jail around the player
UnjailUnjail cancels the effect of the Jail command

Most Popular Roblox Admin Commands List

Well, any user on Roblox can make his own Roblox admin command. Naturally, there are a bunch of them available on the internet. But, here is what you should know about the most popular and trending commands in 2018:

  • Person299” is the first Roblox user to make the first ever admin command on Roblox called as “Person299’s Admin command script in 2008. Also, It has been the most used Roblox admin command script till date.
  • Kohltastrophe’s admin command script is very popular among Roblox gamers, and it has become a trending command nowadays.

There are well known and easy to use Roblox admin commands lists for 2017-2018 available on Roblox, here are they in the rundown beneath:

Admin Command NameYear ReleasedMaintenance Status
 Person299's admin commands2008Inactive
 Havemeat's admin commands2010Inactive
 Quenty's GUI admin command2012Active
 Corecii's admin commands2012Active
 Kohl's admin commands2012Inactive
 Scripth's Admin2014Inactive
 Kohl's Admin Infinite2015Active

Can Anyone Use The Roblox Admin Commands?

You must be cognizant of the reality that any Roblox user can develop his or her game. So, if you are developing a Roblox game, you can also command the developed-by-you game with one of the Roblox admin command codes. So, basically, that means the Roblox game developers can use these commands.

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How to Know Admin Commands of any Game?

If you want to know the first commands of any game you are playing in Roblox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head on to your chat box.
  2. Type “:cmds.”
  3. And, it is done! It will display all the commands that you can use in the game you are playing.

Download the Roblox admin commands list from there and get ready to use it in your gameplay!

Is it Compulsory to Use Commands While Creating a Game?

CASE 1: Let us assume that you are using already developed Roblox game templates to create your own game. Then, in this case, you would not possibly require any external admin command for your game.

CASE 2: If you started coding or have already developed your own game in Roblox from scratch, that means you are a pro and can easily develop your own admin commands for your game.

But, in either case, it is not compulsory to use any Roblox admin commands in the game. You can, but it is up to your choice whether to use the commands or not.

Can I Hack Admin Commands?

Is it possibe to do that for a Roblox Game to Manipulate the Gameplay? It is nearly impossible to hack any admin command without the intervention of the admin himself. All the data and scripting of each and every game on Roblox is stored on the secured Roblox servers. You might come across some scammers who claim that it is possible to hack the Roblox admin commands. But, Hacking a Roblox server is an almost impossible task!

Are Roblox Admin Commands List Safe?

Roblox users all around the world have created tons of admin commands to date. Many of those commands are dependable however bunches of them are yet to be tested. In case you are a noob in the world of Roblox game development, you can use the trusted set of Roblox admin commands we have given above. They are not only popular but also are being used by tens of thousands of Roblox game developers all across the globe.

Final Words

While the above-mentioned list of the Roblox admin commands is totally genuine, legit and safe to use, mind the fact that Roblox as a company does not officially release these commands. They are solely created and issued by the Roblox users.

However, the command scripts are widely being discovered by many Roblox users. On account of this, only a handful of these commands are dependable and available to the other users now.


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