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Ever since its inception, Roblox had been remarkably successful in engaging not only the teens but also the developers across the globe. The fact that you not only get to play the games and have fun but you also get to develop your own games makes Roblox even more enthralling. All of the games being hosted on Roblox today are user-generated. That means players like us have taken their creativity a bit more seriously than we ever thought. So why can’t we also be one of them? Thus, you must know the easy way to Open Roblox Explorer now!

Additionally, if you are aspiring to be a game developer in the future, Roblox is an amazing kick-start. Roblox studio is best for newbies to get acquainted with the game development process and environment. “Environment”! Oh, I reckon that is exactly why Roblox Studio is recommended to all aspiring game developers. You don’t have to install a bunch of heavy software and tackle issues like platform incompatibility. Roblox has given us everything in the ready-to-develop form.

Roblox Studio – A guide for beginners

The Roblox Studio is the development tool using which you can transform your imagination into a Roblox game! Roblox studio has something for all verticals in the development. Whether you are an experienced or a beginner programmer, you will find that the Roblox Studio is built only for you!

Find everything you must know about Roblox studio here:

Roblox download and installation guide

How to make a game using Roblox Studio

What is an Explorer in Roblox studio?

Inside Roblox studio, you will find a menu named “Explorer” which displays a hierarchy of all “instances” you have in your game.

In Robloxians’ lingo, an “instance” is an object in your game that you are creating. In more precise technical terms, “Instance” is a data-type in Roblox Namespace. This data-type helps us change the behavior of the objects that we are using in our game.

How to Open Roblox Explorer in Roblox studio?

Okay, let us get back to our “explorer”. To Open Roblox Explorer, you have to click on “View” -> “Explorer”.

Explorer is truly a big time-savor for all developers.

Explorer has its content arranged in a hierarchy in the form of parent-child relationship pattern.

Navigating the Hierarchy

Hierarchy of Explorer in Roblox is very easy to follow.

Look at this simplified example of hierarchy:

  • Workspace
  • Part
  • Script

Pointers to navigate the hierarchy:-

  • If you want to open (expand) an object’s or instance’s content in the Explorer, Click on the “+” symbol in front of that instance.
  • Now that you have an expanded hierarchy of the instance, to close it simply click on “”, which have replaced the original “+” sign.
  • If an instance is not showing any of the two signs (“+” or “”) that implies it has no child thread to open.
  • If you want to move an instance to be inside another instance, you can do it by dragging it to the desired place.
  • Note that not all objects are movable. So, click on the object you wish to move, and press Ctrl + C. Now, find the object inside which you want the copied item to be, click on it and paste it there by right-clicking the mouse button.

Services present in the Explorer

These are the services available under Explorer in Roblox Studio.

Roblox Explorer vs Roblox Browser – General confusion

Roblox Explorer

The Roblox studio provides the “Explorer” as a menu. This menu  to Open Roblox Explorer contains a hierarchy of all of the “Instances” that you have used in your game.

Roblox Browser

The Roblox Browser and Roblox Explorer are absolutely the two different things. Roblox had created a browser named “Roblox Browser” which used to be used for playing games in Roblox.

It was different practice back then. Roblox used to ask users to download the Roblox Browser.

It had multiple pitfalls. Users couldn’t access the online world outside Roblox web. You must be familiar with the “Tabs” in Chrome, Mozilla, Edge and other browsers. This essential feature was absent in Roblox browser.

Since July 26, 2012, Roblox notified the users through a declaration that they can use other browsers to play Roblox.

Final Words

Roblox studio is very easy to use and this special feature called “Explorer” make it even easier and handy. It may sometimes happen that without you being aware the Explorer window disappears. But, now you know how to Open Roblox Explorer! Stay tuned for more such interesting content…


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