[Updated] How to Trade on Roblox | Complete Guide 2018


Before moving on to “Trading in Roblox” and knowing How to trade on Roblox, let’s first understand the meaning of the word “Trading”. As per the definition is given by the www.dictionary.com, the word “trade”, which is a noun, means

“The act or process of selling, buying, or exchanging commodities, at either retail or wholesale, within a country or between countries.”

“The act of buying, selling, or exchanging stocks, bonds, or currency.”

“A purchase of sale; business deal or transaction.”

Fair enough? When we transit from the real world to the virtual world of Roblox, money replaces with the Robux and goods replaces with assets.

Many players on Roblox lack the proper guidance on How to trade in Roblox and end up losing their hard-earned Robux for peanuts. Doesn’t matter if you are a seller or a buyer, you will always come across Roblox user that will decline your offers even if it is a really nice deal from both sides. They do because they expect an even better profit.

So, to clear up this dilemma, we present you here the definitive guide of Trading in Roblox.

What is “Builders Club Membership”?

Why do we want to know about some Builders Club or its Membership? Well, because without having a membership of Builders Club you cannot trade. So, I would suggest you to have a fundamental knowledge of the Builders Club popularly known as “a BC” before proceeding further.

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Think of the Prime membership on Amazon. Customers with Prime membership will always get additional benefits in terms of offers, delivery speed, etc. Similarly, Roblox users who are subscribed to Builders Club membership will always have some extra advantages over those who are not. These privileges are in the form of daily Robux, a power to design, create and sell Roblox Assets.

Look at the screenshot given above for reference on How to trade on Roblox with Builders Club Membership. It will give you a decent idea of what Roblox Builders Club membership is. Builders Club membership subdivides into 3 independent categories to know How to trade on Roblox. Each category comes with its own perks. For example, Classic Builders Club Membership will give you daily Robux benefit of R$15 while the Turbo BC Membership will fetch you daily R$35 Robux.

The maximum daily incentive comes with the Outrageous BC Membership. It gives you a bonus of R$60 daily. However, you get nothing for nothing! The membership charges both monthly and annually increase as you move from free to Classic Membership, from Classic to Turbo and from Turbo to Outrageous Builders Club Membership.

The Trading System in Roblox

Roblox provides this cool benefit of “Trade System” with Builders Club Membership to  know How to trade on Roblox. Using this feature we can trade not only Limited/Limited U items but also Robux with peers having Business Club Membership.

What are Limited/Limited U items?

A Limited U a.k.a. Limited Unique item is a type of asset which are not available anymore or if available, in very less quantity. Every copy of an asset assigns a serial number which happens to be unique.

The difference between Limited/Limited U is in their semantics. The “Limited U” is meant to be limited and the “Limited” is because the stock has gone down.

For example, there is a gear left, only 2 in stock, they are in the sale catalogue. You have miss out on the sale and both the gears are taken. But you want one! How do you get it? The answer is “Trading”! You buy it from the person who has bought it. So, he gets Robux and you get the gear you desire.

Note: You can buy an item without a Builders Club Membership but you cannot re-sell it without one!

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Enabling the “Trade” option

Note: Once you have enrolled yourself for any of the 3 Builders club membership plans, you have to “enable” the Trade option before moving on to the actual trading.
Go to “Account settings -> Privacy -> Trade Accessibility -> Set to “Open to Trade”.

How to Trade on Roblox

Follow the guide to initiate a trade with another player:

  1. Visit the profile of the user with whom you want to trade items or Robux.
  2. Are you able to see a button that appears to be 3 consecutive dots? Click on it.
  3. Else, you will have to manually access the trade browser window. Go to More (In front of the “message” button) -> Trade items. This will take you to the desired Trade Browser Window.

This will open up a menu for you to choose the items you want to exchange in the trade.
Now, you must be able to see the all the items that are available for the trade. Note that, in a trade, you can either offer (the item you already possess) or request (the item the other user has) an item. So, you will have to select “Add to offer” or “Request” accordingly. At this stage, you also possess an option to add some Robux to the deal.

There is also an option to exchange items for items a.k.a. “Roblox Exchange”. So, let’s say, you are requesting a user a T-shirt that he or she is already possessing and you want it so bad! In return, you can offer him or her some additional Robux along with the items you have. This will tell you How to trade on Roblox and to add that extra pinch which will help you crack the deal! Somewhat like a barter system, is it not?

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  1. Our assumption is both sellers and buyers have Builders Club prime membership.
  2. Roblox charges 30% transaction fee!
  3. You have to keep the amount of Robux maximum or less than 50% less than the current offer. That too, calculated keeping in mind the transaction fee. You will have to remove the 30% transaction fee. If you are selling a T-shirt worth R$500 then, you have to keep the amount of Robux less than R$250 (Post transaction fee!).

Recheck the deal for confirmation and submit it. Roblox will let the other player know about the trade through message notification.

More about Trading in Roblox

You can always visit the trade page to view the listings of active, inactive, pending trades and also the trading partners.

If you want to clear or decline a pending trade, click on the trade on the list. That’s another tip to remember on How to trade on Roblox. This will pop up in a window for you where you will get to all the details about the trade and you will be asked to choose an option among Accept, counter and decline. Here, “counter” means you can alter the deal by asking for more, less or different items or Robux.

Additional guidelines

Follow these guidelines to know further on How to trade on Roblox and create a good deal as possible.

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  • Try to acquire rarest of the rare and limited edition assets that in the future, people will be ready to empty their wallets to buy it from you. Fill your inventory with loads of such items and it will make trading smoother for you.
  • You can request a trade item by visiting the user’s inventory. The trade option is available there too, for easy access.
  • Do you know anything about RAP: Recent Average Price?
    RAP is a factor that users use to evaluate his or her offer. Let’s put it this way – You are initiating a trade and you find that you are not receiving the minimum RAP. In such case, they are maximum chances that either your trade offer will decline or you will get a “counter”.
  • The items which are in limit can have no serial number assign to it. It makes them vulnerable and more prone to get stolen. For example, if you have a shirt which limits that does not have a serial number assign to it and it gets steal away. How are you going to identify the shirt to be yours?
  • Alternatively, had the shirt been assigned a unique serial number, you would be able to report the stealing case to the Roblox authorities. So, they can track using the unique identity of the shirt which is its serial number and you will get your shirt back!


Now that you have a handy, pocket guide for Trading on Roblox and know How to trade on Roblox, you can build your own set of strategies for trading. Over the time, as you gain more experience, you will find yourself identifying and avoiding all the pitfalls in the process. Though trading can make you richer, you will have to be cautious while making any deal. Scammers out there try to get your products giving you nothing in return.


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