How to Make a Shirt on Roblox | Roblox Shirt Template (2018)


Roblox inventory has become the greatest attraction for all avid players across the globe. Not only to customize your Roblox Avatar but also to make more Robux without playing, you will want to create your own funky shirts and crazy hats. If you also want to know how to How to Make a Shirt on Roblox an create a beautiful shirt, follow this simple guide for best results.

If you want to design and create a shirt for selling, be sure you read this guide:

How to trade in Roblox?

If you are creating a donation-shirt, please refer to this guide: How to give Robux to your friends?

So, before moving forward let us have a brief understanding of what Builders club is.

What is the Builders Club?

Well, there is much to Builders Club membership than just creating the shirt. Builders Club membership is an entry pass for the Roblox trading and selling the world. As your sales increase, you have more and more Robux in your wallet, and you can convert virtual money – The Robux into real money using the DevEx program. And, all of this through a single entry gate – “Builders club”. So, we suggest you to have a fundamental knowledge of the Builders Club, popularly known as “a BC” before proceeding further.

So, what is this Builders Club on Roblox? Think of the Prime membership on Amazon. Customers with Prime membership will always get additional benefits in terms of offers, delivery speed, etc. Similarly, Roblox users who are subscribed to Builders Club membership will always have some extra advantages over those who are not. These privileges are in the form of daily Robux, a power to design, create and sell Roblox Assets.

More About Builders Club

Look at the screenshot given above. It will provide you a fair idea of what Roblox Builders Club membership is. Builders Club membership is subdivided into 3 independent categories. Each category comes with its own perks. For example, Classic Builders Club Membership will give you daily Robux benefit of R$15 while the Turbo BC Membership will fetch you daily R$35 Robux.

The maximum daily incentive comes with the Outrageous BC Membership. It gives you a bonus of R$60 daily. However, you get nothing for nothing! The membership charges both monthly and annually increase as you move from free to Classic Membership, from Classic to Turbo and from Turbo to Outrageous Builders Club Membership.

For now, what we are interested in is the highlighted part – “Sell stuff”. This implies Roblox has given you a licence to sell shirts that you have created. It can be noticed easily that this feature is available only in the paid memberships and not available for the free users.

How to Make a Shirt on Roblox with the Builders Club Membership

Let’s move on to the actual shirt making process.

  • First of all, go to and login to your account. After logging in, download a basic Roblox Avatar Shirt template. These templates are made available to all the Roblox account holders. So, one can create these assets as per his or her choice. OR
  • There is an external source to download the Roblox shirt template. For this, you don’t have to log in to your Roblox account. Click on this link: This will open an image for you that you can use to create a shirt.

While this method also lets you download the template, we would highly recommend you to download the template from the official website.

  • So, now you have the image file of the template. It is time to use your creativity and innovative thinking! Use some image editing software to edit the image.

Another Easy Way

You can directly download a shirt and edit it. Sounds untrue? But it is true for knowing How to Make a Shirt on Roblox. Please read this guide: Roblox Asset Downloader. Use Paint.NET. You can also use an advanced image editor so that its texture stays the way you want. There is also “GIMP 2” – a free photo editing software. The good thing about GIMP 2 is that it is available for both Mac as well as Windows users. Try not to use a basic image editor as the overall look of the image might get disturbed. And once editing is done, go to, upload it to your account and give your Avatar some make-over!

For reference, search for some Roblox shirt codes. Shirt codes are basically the samples of shirt designs created by other users that help you get an idea.

Okay, so now your shirt is ready and you have saved it in your PC. Let’s go ahead.

Now you know How to Make a Shirt on Roblox and that your shirt is ready, you would want to upload it to Roblox so that other users can purchase it.

Uploading a shirt is very simple and easy to follow the process:

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Navigate to the Roblox home page.
  3. Click on “Develop”.
  4. Go to “My Creations”.
  5. Click on “Shirts”.
  6. Upload”.

Give a nice name or ID to your shirt. Note that after uploading, Roblox will first verify your shirt. So, there shall be a time lapse before you can find your asset in the Roblox inventory.

Alternate Method to Know How to Make a Shirt on Roblox

This is an alternate method as given by Roblox wiki:

  • First, search for a picture that you want to print on your Roblox Avatar’s shirt.
  • Navigate to and Sign in to your account. Click on “My Roblox“. Click on “Change Character”. You will be able to notice a list of all your possessions under clothing. The default selection will be “T-shirts”. Click on “create”.
  • Find “Upload Texture” and click on “browse“. Upload the photo you had selected. Click on “Create T-Shirt“.
  • And, it is over!

Well, it is over from your side. Roblox will now check if the clothing you just created is appropriate for the age or not. Let Roblox take its time.

Once the verification is over, you can see your new cloth in your collection and is absolutely ready to wear.

So, now you know How to Make a Shirt on Roblox and employ your creativity for your Avatar. You can also earn Robux and ultimately real-world money if the asset created by you goes hit. Good luck!


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