How to Make a Game on Roblox {Complete Guide 2018}


Do you enjoy playing games on Roblox? Then, why not create your own game? Developing a game had never been so easy! Roblox provides this simple to use Roblox studio using which you can create your own wonderful games. Good news? You don’t need to worry about platform incompatibility issues, coding the game from ‘Hello World‘, incompatibilities with the upgraded versions, tackling with end-less errors, etc. Roblox does that for you. Thus, you must know How to Make a Game on Roblox right now!

These are the world-famous stories of Roblox game developers who earned in millions by creating so engaging games on Roblox. Their stories have been featured by the top magazines like Business Insider, Forbes. You can be one of them. All you must do now is to get started? How? You will find everything you need to know about developing a game in Roblox in this article.

As we all know, Roblox is a massive online multi-player gaming platform where players can play most of the games for free. Of course, there are few games which need to be unlocked by paying some amount to continue to next levels.

Here is a dose of motivation to you. Roblox game creators earn loads of money through the DevEx program. Visit this link for more information:

As we stated earlier, you don’t have to be super techie or a great programmer to build a game on Roblox. Just make sure you have these 2 prerequisites:

  • Roblox Studio.
  • A sound internet connection.

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How to Make a Game on Roblox Using Roblox Studio

Downloading and Installation of Roblox Studio

The good thing about Roblox Studio is, it is free to you and anywhere can download and start designing the game right away. And this guide will show you how to use roblox studio. You can install and download Roblox studio only for PC and MAC OS. Go to the and log into your account. Click on “Create” or “Develop”.

Create on Roblox Site
Create on Roblox Site

It will take you to this screen shown below

Start Creating Roblox Game
Start Creating Roblox Game

Click on “Start Creating”. It will direct you to …

Roblox Redirecting
Roblox Redirecting
Download Roblox Studio
Download Roblox Studio

Click on “Download Studio”. It will automatically download the studio .exe for you. Save it in the appropriate folder.

Launch the .exe. It will automatically start the installation. OR Go again to Roblox -> Create -> Start creating and it will connect itself to the downloaded studio and it will install the studio for you.

Now that you have Roblox Studio all set in your PC, you are ready to go to know How to Make a Game on Roblox! Go ahead and launch the Studio.

How to Make Obby on Roblox

Once you launch the Studio, you will be directed to the home screen. This home-screen has game templates which are ready to customize. This clearly eliminates the need to sit and write code of the game from scratch.

Game Templates
Game Templates

These are the templates that will make the creation of first game easy for you. All you need is to give a make-over to the visible characteristics of the template. There are multiple templates based on themes such as Western or Suburban and based on games such as Racing, Infinite Runner or Obby. Proceed ahead if you are curious to know how to make roblox games. Obby is one of the easiest games on Roblox.

Now select the template that you like and which can be suitable to the game in your mind.
Let’s choose Suburban for demonstration purpose.

Suburban in Roblox
Suburban in Roblox

Did you notice the Explorer and Properties panels on the right of the screen? You want to pin them up to the interface throughout the journey. Properties tab helps you modify the properties of individual models.

Let’s explore the Roblox Studio. As this is the first time Studio is seeing us, it will give us an introductory tutorial. Don’t skip it if you want to learn How to Make a Game on Roblox. Go for it!

explore the Roblox Studio
Explore the Roblox Studio

You can build anything using this studio. May it be a house, a plane or entire township! The next thing you want to explore is the Toolbox. Look at the above screenshot.

I have clicked on the icon of “Toolbox” that opened for me the box in the left with heading “Toolbox”. Click on a car of your choice to see what happens. Try everything you can in the toolbox to see how it works. Remember, you are in the learning stage and you are supposed to try and err.

Here is the result when I clicked on “Rotate” and rotated the model “street”.


Select the object and try changing its color.

Change Color
Change Color

Oh come on, this is just for demonstration. I am not colouring the road with Persimmon!
Go to all tabs. Search the menu. Try everything and notice how it affects the look. Try all permutations and combinations.

Handy Tips for How to Make a Game on Roblox

Camera Controls

In the right end of the studio, you must have seen “Camera”. This camera in Roblox studio is free-floating and movable, meaning it can be moved to any place you go. Right-click and drag your mouse in the 3D view to rotate the camera in the place. For zooming in and out you can apply the scroll ball in your mouse on even the touchpad if you are making use of a laptop.

Apart from using the camera using a mouse and touchpad, there are certain key commands that can be used to move the camera.


  1. “W” and “S” : Camera moves forward and backwards.
  2. “A” and “D” : Camera moves side to side.
  3. “E” and “Q” : Camera moves up and down.
  4. Shift + moving the camera: Camera will move slower.
  5. “,” and “.” : Camera rotates in place.
  6. “Page Up” and “Page Down”: Camera gets pitched up and down.
  7. Click on a Part or Model and press “F”: Camera will be focused on your selection and will be snapped in for a closer look.
  8. “W”, “A”, “S”, “D”, “Q”, and “E”: commonly known as movement keys will help you exit the focus mode.

Creating New Controls

Click on “Part”.

Click on Part
Click on Part

Tap on the arrow just below the “part” to insert various shaped parts. These shapes are Block, Sphere, Wedge, and Cylindrical, as shown in the above screenshot.

Modifying Parts

To move a Part, select it and drag it to the place you want it to be. There are move and Rotate tools we just tried, to help you with this.

  • Move: You can move the selection along the axis by dragging on the corresponding arrow.
  • Rotate: You can rotate the selection about 3 axes by dragging the spherical points.
  • Scale: You can scale or resize the selection by dragging the spheres.
  • Color: You can modify the color of the selection.
  • Material: You can change the material of the selection.

Testing your Work

How do you publish the game on Roblox?

So, now you know How to Make a Game on Roblox and are ready to publish your game so that other gamers can play your game.
But taking a test run sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Go to “TEST”. Click on the “Play” button.

Testing your work
Testing your work

It might take a while to process the request.

Okay, so now, you are ready to publish.

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Saving and Publishing your Work

To save your work

  1. Go to FILE.
  2. Click on “Publish to Roblox as
  3. You can merge the above steps by pressing Alt + Shift + P.
  4. Click one of the slots to save it.
  5. If you choose to save your work to a new place, you will be asked to name your game and write some description.
  6. Otherwise, you can go for one of the save slots to overwrite the game already existing.

Build a Game Without Using a Template

  • Try building a tree. The first thing you need to do is to insert a part that can be used as a tree trunk.
  • Go to “Parts” and click on “Block”.
Go to Parts and click Block
Go to Parts and click Block
  • Click on the just inserted Block and try to Scale it.
Scale it
Scale it
  • As we saw earlier, you can use those spherical handles to re-scale the object.
  • You can use the green sphere to increase the height of the trunk.
Increase the height of the trunk
Increase the height of the trunk
  • Go to “Parts” and select “Sphere”. Note that you have to make it large. This will make the upper part of our tree.
  • Ultimately, use the “Move” tool to shape our tree.
Move the Sphere
Move the Sphere

We saw the color and other interesting parts earlier. Use your imagination, creativity and make your own world.

How to Turn a Game Public or Private

There are two ways know How to Make a Game on Roblox, public or private.

Method 1

  1. Click on “Create” or “Develop” in your profile on Roblox. Find “My Creations”, click on “Games” if it isn’t already highlighted.
  2. Find the spot you would like to make public/private and make your choice.
  • Public” : permits any user to view and play the game
  • Private”: denies access to anyone apart from you from being able to play or display the game unless it’s a group game. In that case only you and appointed developers will be able to play the game.

Method 2

  1. Go to the page of your favorite game. Click the three dots icon to pull up the game’s settings menu. Select Configure this Place or Configure this Game
  2. Go to the Basic Settings tab if it isn’t already highlighted.
  3. Make your choice.
  • Public” : permits any user to view and play the game
  • Private”: denies access to anyone apart from you from being able to play or display the game unless it’s a group game. In that case only you and appointed developers will be able to play the game.

Scripting and Programming

Oh, you don’t be afraid of the word “programming”! It is really easy to learn. Before moving on to learning let’s first acquainted with what scripting and programming with respect to Roblox are!

Now, you have a nicely designed game but how would you make it work. Well, “Scripts” are those magic elements without which the game wouldn’t work.

The programming language that is used in the world of Roblox is called as “Roblox Lua”. Lua is really easy to learn. To know more about Lua, visit the official website.

There are a series of short-and-sweet video tutorials published by Roblox Corporation. You will find the link to those tutorials below in this article itself.

Build a Tycoon Game is Less than an Hour!

Tycoon game on Roblox is like Sim City. You as a player have to build up a store or some environment.

Let’s see How to Make a Game on Roblox. Specifically, a Tycoon Game.

  1. Go to Roblox Studio then, “Insert” -> “Tools
  2. Find “Faceplate” under “Categories”. A faceplate is the fundamental terrain.
  3. Find “Tycoon Start Kits” under “Categories”. Select “Tycoon Start Kit” in the tools panel. You should be able to see the Tycoon Start Kit above faceplate.
  4. Go to “Categories”. Choose a category of your choice. This choice is what your factory will make. Rename the Brick in the word viewer. Give an alias name to Brick.
  5. Go to “Insert” -> “Explorer”. Open “Workspace”. You will find your Tycoon Starter Kit.
  6. Right Click on a button object. Copy it. This lets your gamer pay some amount while making a purchase. Paste the button in your workspace.
  7. Move your named object to Tycoon Starter Kit by dragging it.
  8. Rename the button with the action that you want your user to perform example “Buy a brick”.
  9. Open the “Script” tag to find the scripts which administer the functions of button.
  10. Remember that the first line of code should define the button output model. Since here, user is buying a Brick, the button would output a model brick.
  11. Move the button into the Tycoon Starter Kit folder in “Explorer

Voila! You can use the same steps to create other buttons for various models and different outputs.

Your game is ready!

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Be a Better Developer!

  • Short-cut keys: List of these short-cut keys for Roblox studio is going to help you a big time!
  • Make smart use the transform tool. Transform is a blend of the move, resize, and rotate tool.
  • Make use of Decals and Textures to the most.
  • Use Plug-ins. Find out which works best for you. Do research and shortlist a few plug-ins, analyse how every plug-in in your list works.
  • Use Roblox Animation Editor. Everything you need to know about animations in Roblox, you will find it here.
  • Use “Lighting” object more often. That differentiates your game from the pool. Try BloomEffect, BlurEffect, ColorCorrectionEffect, and SunRaysEffect.

Roblox University and other Video Content by Roblox Corporation

Roblox University a.k.a. RobloxU is a playlist of 35 tutorials on developing Roblox games using Roblox Studio. As Roblox claims, these lessons are spread over a range of difficulty levels to know How to Make a Game on Roblox. So, nobody leaves empty-handed.

These are the videos published by Roblox Corporation to help developers in knowing and learning How to Make a Game on Roblox. These are short videos and are really easy to catch-up with. Since Roblox Studio is free and open for all, you can actually witness things being built-up right while you watch!


There are multiple Roblox game developers’ groups on Roblox. Check out Pinewood Builders.

Roblox game developers across the world get connected through these groups. These are the very powerful media to share and propagate your thoughts and ideas as well as to get answers to your queries from experienced developers.


Roblox Studio owing to its simplicity is a good start for anyone who wants to start his or her work in the field of game development. This guide on “How to Make a Game on Roblox” gives you a taste of game development. It uses simple scripting as well as easy-to-learn coding language. The workspace and editor are simple to get hands-on. The ultimate guide throughout the journey of Roblox game development, the official proves to be very much helpful.

Hope this guide gives answer to your question of “how to make a roblox game?“. To stay updated, follow If you notice any issues you can always reach the support team. Enjoy developing!


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