How to Get Free Robux in 2018 | 7 Proven Roblox Hacks


Hey, Roblox lovers! So, you are here. This indicates you are absolutely into the enchanting world of Roblox. The fun of playing Roblox and earning more and more Robux every day is an addiction. Earning Robux eventually becomes harder so does satiating the craving to earn more rewards! While there are no magic spells that would generate a handful of Robux for you, this guide provides a definitive list of 100% genuine and proven tips and trick to get free Robux in 2018.

For those who are new to or absolute beginner to Roblox, might face some difficulty getting hooked with the article. So, Let us first understand in brief ‘What is Roblox?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is one of the greatest online gaming platforms for teenagers. Cool fact about Roblox is that there are millions of games that the Roblox is hosting and all of which are User-generated! Yeah, players like you and I can also build games on Roblox! And, building these games don’t need you to be a pro-techie; it just requires a minimal set of pre-requisite and easy-to-acquire skills. All of the games on Roblox are multi-players games and are fun! Players also get connected to one another via the means of chatting facility. They can form groups for further communication.

What is Roblox
What is Roblox

We, as a player, by default become the owner of a character or to be more precise, a Roblox Avatar as soon as we sign up for an account. We can buy interesting stuff such as fancy clothes, elegant hats, etc. to customize our Avatar using Avatar Customizer. But, how do we buy these items? Well, that’s where the grand-hero of this article – “Robux” comes in!

What is Robux?

Think of the analogy with the real world – whenever we go shopping, we pay dollars or basically, the local currency and buy clothes and other stuff. Similarly, in the world of Roblox, the currency we use to buy items is “Robux”. Precisely, Robux is the virtual currency specific to Roblox, used to make purchases. Apparently, Robux has no value in the real world but can be used to earn real-world money in situations like Developer exchanges and trading. With Robux we can also buy, what is called a “pass”. Passes are, to say the least, a power-booster. Passes are explained in detail in the following sections.

Robux can be earned by playing games, completing the levels and reaching higher and higher stages of the game. But, as you progress, the difficulty level of the game increases, and it gets harder to move ahead and win Robux further. Once you are into the game, it becomes alluring to have a little more Robux always. Robux can alternatively be bought by paying real-money, for example, as shown in the screenshot below, if we pay $24.95, we get $2,000. However, it ultimately ends up bullying your pocket money.

What is Robux
What is Robux

You must have googled a thousand times hoping to find the answer to this most unresolved question – How to get free Robux?

Well, as the wise say – You get nothing for nothing! There is no short-cut to anything. You can’t really get a Robux for free. But, you can pay the amount in the form of your efforts, creativity, and patience. There are some ingenious hacks to earn Robux without actually playing the games. You can call it some off-the-game free Robux earning hacks. Pin it – All of it are genuine and are no threat to your security!

Mind it! There is NO ONLINE FREE ROBUX GENERATOR TOOL available! If you find one, run away! It’s spam!

So, the question remains – “How to get free Robux on Roblox 2018?

How to Earn Infinite Free Robux in Roblox (7 Ways)

Try this definitive list of Free Robux Hacks:

Method #1: Free Robux Code Generator Tool

Just click on the “Generate” button mentioned below to get Free Robux and Roblox card for free. Copy & redeem the code once its generates in free robux generator. However, the process will take a few minutes to load code from the database. Till then have patience.


NOTE: – If the robux hack code is not working then generate it again. As we’re having the limited number of codes so it might be in use by other users.

Method #2: Create Your Own Engaging Game on Roblox!

The first and the ultimately useful free robux hack is to create your own game on Roblox! How is it useful? Because it not only helps you earn Robux but also fills your wallet with real money! Roblox pays you when other players buy some item using their virtual money – “The Robux” while playing the developed-by-you game. In almost every game (online), you will find some power-ups or power-boosters that will just hook you up to the game.

Create your own game on Roblox
Create your own game on Roblox

Winning a power-up not only gives energy to our character in the game but also keeps us on the edge on our seat. In Roblox, these power-ups are commonly known as “Roblox Passes”. We need to purchase these passes by paying some real amount. Roblox shares a part of these sales in the form of ‘Robux points’ with the creator of the game. Oh, yes! You got it right!

So, now imagine, you have created your own brilliant and engaging game, other players are not only enjoying it a big time but also keep coming back for more. In this scenario, every time a player buys a pass, you will get your Robux points. This means you are paying nothing but your creativity and skills for Robux!

Method #3: Perks of Builder’s Club Membership

Well, the perks of builder’s club membership are surely paid. But, that’s quite a considerable way to get daily Robux, isn’t it? You are not playing a game but still earning a set of Robux! Examine the above Screenshot carefully. You get classic membership on a monthly basis for $5.95. This provides you daily R$15. While, in the earlier screenshot we saw, you can buy R$400 for $4.95. Now calculate which way is costlier. Additionally, business club membership comes with its own advantages other than free Robux. As you observe in the screenshot, there are multiple surplus benefits if you are willing to take your wallet out of your pocket.

Roblox Builders Club
Roblox Builders Club

Furthermore, as you upgrade your membership from Free to Classic, from Classic to Turbo and later from Turbo to Outrageous, membership fees get higher and so does the amount of Robux that you get on daily basis. Moreover, as you will see further, the Outrageous membership happens to be a mandatory criterion to encash your earnings. Ultimately, it is relative to the player as to which deal he or she wants to choose to maximize the benefits and optimize the cost.

Method #4: PointsPrizes

PointPrizes is a simple way to earn various coupons. Create a free account just by registering your e-mail address on pointPrizes. PointPrizes hosts several surveys and multiple easy as well as moderately hard tasks and games. Each task here is assigned some points. Complete these tasks and your account gets credited with the associated amount of points. Fill out the surveys which are usually simple and multiple choice questions. Just don’t forget to make sure you find this little guy in green here.

Earn Free Robux
Earn Free Robux

Never do you ever share any confidential information! PointPrizes lets you collect points for each activity attempted such as surveys, games, etc. After you collect enough points, you can claim your prize. Guess what the prize is? Yes, you’re right! The Robux! It works not only for Roblox but also you can claims coupons for Amazon, Apple products, Xbox, etc.

Method #5: Roblox University: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Roblox Game!

There is this playlist on YouTube uploaded by Roblox that you may want to check out. Roblox game development is free and open to everyone. In this playlist, you get to watch stuff being created actually, right in front of you! You can go, take this sublime course and create your own game.

Roblox University
Roblox University

These free video series lets you learn and explore every aspect of game development in Roblox. So, now everything is available to you, at your desk, free from all costs; all you need to do is sit and transform that wonderful imagination of your brain into a 3D game. The sky is the limit!

Method #6: Create your Products And Start A Business!

As we saw earlier, we can use Robux to customize our Avatar by purchasing some cool wearables. But where does this funky stuff come from? The users like us use their creativity and design those cool shoes and cute robes. If they can, you can do this too! Employ your creativity, challenge your designer skills and imagination and design the stylish products that everybody will be willing to exchange their Robux for! Visit Group Recruiting Plaza. Start off with a little price and increase the price gradually.

Create your own products
Create your own products

Make players habitual of your style, only then they will be coming back to you for more purchase. Set a monthly target of sales and try to achieve it. If you think you are creative enough, you can sell your skills to the developers, assist them with their content. If you are an avid Roblox player, there is a chance that you might have heard something about Group Recruiting Plaza. Well, then that is what you need, and that is where you want to go!

Method #7: Robux Developer Exchange

To understand the Robux exchange program and Robux exchange rates, you need to visit Developer Exchange (DevEx) FAQs. Although there are some primary requirements that need to be fulfilled for free robux no survey. As the popularity of Roblox increases, proportionately increase the exchange rates. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Robux Developer Exchange
Robux Developer Exchange

See the statistics in the screenshot below. FYI, 1,00,000 Robux are equal to $350 USD. 10 million Robux is $35,000 and just look for the amount that is equivalent to 300 Million Robux. So even if you could create stylish and best-selling hats, you will be there within a couple of months!

How do I play it safe?

First of all, realise the fact that there exists no magical tool on the internet that can generate free Robux for you. If someone or some website claims to have Robux generating machine, believe me, it is a spam. They will collect your personal details and might even sell and divert such crucial data in the dark web. “How to get free Robux without human verification” is one of the most searched queries on Google in this matter.
See these screenshots

Anything you find that says “Online Robux generator tool”, “Get Robux for free”, abandon it right away! Also, if you come across something like this, report it immediately to the Roblox authorities using “Report Abuse”. These websites are a giant scam. So, how do you if the website is a fraud?

Fake Robux generator tool
Fake Robux generator tool

First, they will ask you to complete a survey. Human Verification is the next thing. These are usually the excuses that might create a false impression on a user that ‘the website might be genuine’. You complete the task and the next moment they have bucks on their table! Now comes the main part, you will simply be redirected to phishing and fraudulent web links which are usually non-accessible to the search engines. Sometimes, it may happen that such web-links even induce viruses to your browser by forcefully enabling some extension or downloading some random malware.

Apart from such scams and frauds, please be cautious and deliberately avoid following mistakes that have potential to cost you a lot of trouble.

Sharing Roblox Password: A strict No-No!

Any online service under legal circumstances neither can nor should ask you to provide your password. If you visit a site that opens a pop-up and tells you to log-in to your Roblox account, bid a good-bye immediately! You should log-in only and only through it’s official site. Special care has to be taken when children at their younger age are exposed to the Roblox community.

Dont Share Roblox Passwords
Dont Share Roblox Passwords

As we know, through Roblox communication channel, anybody can talk to anybody across the globe. So, we never know who are we talking to behind that Roblox Avatar. A person who is personifying himself as a teenage girl can be an adult hacker trying to strike his plan. Never share your password with any person, no matter what!

Saving Your Password

Make sure the device in which you have saved your Roblox passwords is secure and can not be accessed by any person other than you. If you are using a device that’s open to the public, never forget to log-out from your account. If god forbid, you happen to lose your mobile device, immediately log-in from other system and change the password.

Besides, select a password that is extremely hard to guess. It has been observed that the passwords that are most commonly used are their names, names their family members or pets, number 123456, etc. These passwords are extremely easy to crack, and that makes your account vulnerable.

Using Shady Software and Apps (.exe and .apk)

Be cautious when a downloadable is a .exe. Apart from legit applications, let’s say if you want to download a free guide which you think should be a .pdf but is .exe, think ten times before downloading it. Such executables usually introduce viruses and Trojans to your PC.

Also, if you are downloading an application .apk and while installing it asks you to allow it access Roblox, Nope! Delete it right there! There is no application on Google Play store that can fetch you free Robux just for downloading it. Downloading and installing such applications will not benefit you. Instead, it will harm your mobile phones by inserting some viruses like Tencent which are absolutely headache as they never truly leave your device.

Words for parents

Parents, try not to perform any online transaction from the device that your child uses for Roblox. If it is inevitable, make sure you don’t keep your card details saved. Also, never leave your PayPal account logged-in. Instructions especially for parents who have kids 13-years-old and below. Your hard-earned money might go in vain.

Roblox Games
Roblox Games

Additionally, Roblox has a special feature of Parental log-in embedded in it. Parents can log in and monitor their ward’s activity. They can also keep an eye on whom their child is talking to. They can even turn on some exclusive privacy settings if they sense any threat. Parents can make sure that their children do not share any confidential information innocently over the internet chat and keep them safe in the virtual world. Though these threats cannot eliminate entirely, their probability of occurrence may get low by keeping an eye on them.

Final Words

Hope, this answers your question of, “How do you get robux?“.Having millions of robux free in front of your name sounds like a great idea. But again, there are no shortcuts! Neither for real money nor for virtual! Above given hacks are all legal and genuine. Please don’t go for something illegal and immoral just for having a bunch of Robux which you can otherwise have by authentic means. If you find some website that claims to give you free Robux but has an obscene dark world behind, report it to the Roblox authorities immediately.

Who knows, if your discovery is utterly unique and substantial, you might even get money for it! Always have a fair game and more importantly, learn to recognize the scammers who claim to hack robux. There are many stories of successful Roblox game developers who went millionaires in their young age, such as the creator of the popular Roblox game “Jailbreak”.

Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt



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